Escape Rooms

Break the codes / Find the keys / Solve the puzzles / Beat the clock

Bring your friends, colleagues or familiy along for an hour of entertaining challenges, in our 5-star escape rooms in the middle of Aarhus. Escapist offers handmade escape rooms, where we’ve put thought, time and energy into creating an excellent and coherent game experience, well suited for stag parties, study groups, teambuilding exercises and birthday parties.

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The Great Diamond Heist

The Aarhus National Museum recently acquired the incredibly rare blue Bol’Shoy diamond from a Russian museum, and you and your team of experienced art thieves are now itching to get your hands on it!
Can you make your way through the crafty old curator’s office, decipher his tricky codes and riddles, and escape with the valuable gem before the police arrives?

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Price per group
Monday-Tuesday: 795,-
Wednesday-Sunday: 995,-

60 Minutes
Recommended for new players
For 2-6 players

USS Triton

The Cold War reigns, and tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union have never been higher. Nowhere does the sense of doom feel more impending than aboard the American nuclear submarine USS Triton. Deep below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, you and your team of marines will be met with sabotage, secret codes and paranoia.
Can you overcome the challenges, or will it all end with devastating nuclear war?

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Price per group
Monday-Tuesday: 795,-
Wednesday-Sunday: 995,-

60 Minutes
Recommended for experienced players
For 3-5 players


What is an escape room?

An escape room is an entertaining and challenging live game experience, where you, as a team, must work together to solve a mission in a closed room before time runs out. To accomplish this, teams need to search for hidden keys and codes, solve tricky puzzles and riddles, and generally be curious and thorough in their exploration of the room around them.

Can we have more than the recommended number of people on our team?

Yes, however, we can't guarantee a good game experience in that case. This is partly due to the limited physical space, which would cause everyone to get in each other's way a lot, and partly due to the fact that there won't always be enough activities to keep everyone occupied.

Can I book a room for today?

Due to staffing considerations, our system does not support bookings less than 24 hours before game time. Sometimes we are able to scrounge up some personnel, however, so you can always try contacting us at 81 11 60 03 or through our Facebook page, and see if you're lucky!

Can we play in English?

Yes, both our rooms are available in Danish and English. When booking, there will be a checkbox that can be ticked off, if you wish to have the room set to English.

What is your alcohol policy?

Alcohol and escape rooms are a bad match. Guests are not allowed to bring liquids other than water into the room, and we reserve the right to refuse visibly intoxicated guests at the door, without the possibility of a refund.

Can I park my car there?

Yes, on both Grønnegade and Klostergade. Please do note, however, that a parking ticket is required most of the time. The closest car park is by Magasin department store, about 5 min away.

Is it scary?

No, none of our missions are designed to be spooky, and we have yet to experience customers who found the experiences frightening.